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Music Lessons

St. Johns students in Beloit KS.

Finding the right music teacher in rural areas in the United States can be difficult. Especially with our music educational system which gets cut left and right for funding, and leaves students and adults with even fewer resources to learn and develop their skills. Motorco is proud to provide more than what's offered in our rural communities. With an independent approach to a tailored outlook for students' and adults' particular learning needs. Caleb and his team have put together a network of musicians, writers, and educators with years of experience.  Whether you're wanting to learn Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Songwriting, Music Production, or Engineering. We are here to help kick-start your journey.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Tailored guitar lessons for what you want to learn. From Rock, Jazz, Blues, Hop. 

Drum lessons

One on one Drums lessons tailored to your needs. Learn timing, fills, beats and learn to coordinate with others.

Writing in a notebook

Vocal lessons

Your voice is not your typical instrument. We work one on one with you to find your voice and properly use it to keep good vocal health and sing the songs you've always wanted to sing.

*Meet our team*

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