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About Kaleb Bowers and the reason for Motorco Media Productions.

Kaleb Bowers is a content creator musician, performer, and producer from the heart of the Midwest of rural America. Growing up surrounded by the family business of car dealerships and politics, he always had an inner fire to pursue his endeavors of writing, creating, and producing music. At the age of 12, Kaleb could think of nothing else but music, and that passion motivated him to keep pushing his comfort zone to grow in his craft, not only as a musician but as an overall rounded individual.

In late 2015, Kaleb took the next step in his journey packed up his beat-up Buick, and relocated to Nashville to educate and immerse himself in the entertainment industry. Shortly after being in the city and knocking on random doors to earn an income. Kaleb eventually landed his first few endeavors as a booking agent, social media coordinator, cameraman, and radio salesman for the iconic 650 WSM, Grand Ole Opry.

In his spare time, worked as a performer, writer, and producer, developing his craft- both for himself and others along the way. After years of growth and adventure in Music City USA and surrounding states. Kaleb returned to Kansas to apply his expansive skillsets to make a positive impact on the communities and the lives of those around him.

In mid-2021, Kaleb started up a media agency and recording studio, providing quality creative content, advertising, and professional recording services for local businesses and artists.

Kaleb's passion has been the driving force to learn and grow with others as an independent source of knowledge and information at an honest pass. Whether it's through creating original music or helping local businesses with their media and advertising campaigns, he is always striving to make a positive impact on those who need it most.

Kaleb Bowers - Music producer-engineer in Beloit, KS.
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